Academic Genealogy

Academic genealogy, compared to genetic genealogy, seeks to organize mentorship relationships in academia. Listed in this page is my academic genealogy.

I trace my academic genealogy back to John Burgess, one of the founders of contemporary Political Science in the United States. John Burgess established the Department of Political Science at Columbia University in 1880 - the first PhD granting political science department in the United States. John Burgess himself did not have a PhD. He earned a bachelors degree from Amherst College, and conducted graduate training in Imperial Germany for a few years before returning to the states. I am unable to find evidence he earned a graduate degree in Germany. The closest thing to a graduate advisor for Burgess was historian Johann Gustav Droysen ( Friedrich Wilhelm University, aka the University of Berlin, PhD 1831).

If you're further interested in academic genealogy, check out the Academic Family Tree project!

  • Michelangelo Landgrave (me) - University of California, Riverside PhD 2021.

  • Nicholas Weller. University of California, San Diego PhD 2008.

  • Mathew McCubbins. California Institute of Technology PhD 1983.

  • John Ferejohn. Stanford University PhD 1972.

  • Raymond Wolfinger. Yale University PhD 1961.

  • Robert Dahl. Yale University PhD 1940.

  • Francis Coker. Columbia University PhD 1910.

  • William Dunning. Columbia University PhD 1885.

  • John Burgess. Amherst College BA 1867. Founding father of US Political Science.